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Jun 2017
Jun 07 2017 09:20
@rinse0ut hi I couldn't find the message about the projector. Where is it? I'm happy for other coding groups to use the one I left at the Beetroot Cafe btw.
Hope yesterday's meetup went well. I had to finish off some stuff on my website to send to a guy about a potential job in Dresden, so couldn't make it.
Jun 07 2017 09:37
@katjad I've just added a load of 'phonically adaptive' books to my website at It's JS based if that is of interest for the projects page. Would also be good to know if the 'apply letteraid' button on the stories works first time for other users. I think it's good now but I was having to press the customise once first, before it would work up until yesterday.
Katja Durrani
Jun 07 2017 18:06
@tbuyus yes I had been wondering about that. I had a look at your site, there were some pages where switching on the letteraid didn't work.
I will check again. Also the chrome extension always goes to settings when I want to turn letteraid on, but maybe In doing something wrong
@tbuyus your projector was really useful yesterday. We had it further back from the wall and that worked really well
@tbuyus so you might go to Dresden? I once had a job where I had to go there quite often, so I know it a bit :)