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Jun 2017
Jun 08 2017 07:56
@all A general question. My friend wants a Wordpress site with WooCommerce for the shop part. Its a website for a bike manufacturers and they want a page with a configuration builder so that when the customer orders a bike so they can select the brakes, saddle, bars and gears etc..... Any suggestions for a good way to create a configuration tool like this? Or any examples of apps/pages like this? Thanks
Dave Thomson
Jun 08 2017 09:28
@tbuyus the projector message was in the general room on June 1st 5.35pm
Can't send screen shot
Jun 08 2017 11:22
@katjad It's been a few weeks since I worked on the extension. I think when the options page opens it sets some variables that are needed to ensure the overlay works when it is pressed on the context menu. Is it constantly opening (and hence irritating) , or just when the extension is installed? And, any idea which pages weren't changing on first press? The Dresden Job is early stages/long-shot? and I was a bit surprised that they were struggling to find an English/German speaking junior web-dev role in a big German city tbh.
Jun 08 2017 13:02
@wingedeel I'd suggest you look at the WooCommerce product extensions
Jun 08 2017 13:28
@gicela Thanks
Katja Durrani
Jun 08 2017 18:18
@tbuyus When I open up chrome, the extension settings automatically open in a tab, and when I click on the extension on the top browser bar, it opens another settings tab. It seems whatever I do with the extension (incl right-click) it always goes to the settings. - On the webpidgin site, the letteraid seems to be working now. Previously, when I went on media - Hans Christian Anderson etc. - I thought it was not doing anything, but might have missed something, seems to be working alright now, both in Firefox and Chrome