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Jun 2017
Jun 19 2017 09:57
@rinse0ut Thanks! For the JS101 after tomorrow (July 4th) I am thinking of doing a presentation on object-oriented OOP. Currently look at common ways of organising JS code and so far have looked at JS OOP.
@Gicela Am very much looking forward to the games jam!
@katjad The plan for the Agile session tomorrow sounds great. I guess if people aren't interested in taking part they can still come along and continue work on their own learning paths (own projects, FreeCodeCamp etc)
Jun 19 2017 11:45
@katjad Great news on the Agile session. I agree with @wingedeel We need to let people know about the session and if not interested, they can still code :smile:
Katja Durrani
Jun 19 2017 20:36
@wingedeel @gicela I left a comment on the Meetup page, I hope it's enough of an indication..