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Jun 2017
Claudia Loch
Jun 23 2017 14:02
Hello everybody, I am a bit confused with github right now, so I will just drop it here for now, is that ok? Since the last meeting, I got in charge of doing the UX Design for the app. It looks like the app doesn't have a name or a logo, is that right?
so I thought about it and came up with a few ideas, please check the following link:
I have done a UX proposal for the app, based on the features that are already available.
Jun 23 2017 16:32
@claudialoch Wow! I like the pinJS idea. I'll look at the doc in detail over the weekend. Thanks so much for taking the time to do this :smile:
Jun 23 2017 16:35
@claudialoch I agree Claudia! It looks great. So wonderful to have you onboard as you have many skills we were in need of. I am busy this weekend but I will feedback on the doc on Monday.
Katja Durrani
Jun 23 2017 16:59
@claudialoch Thank you!! Looks really good, but I'll also have a closer look later on, have just looked on my phone so far (and briefly on your screen of course ;)).
Claudia Loch
Jun 23 2017 19:19
Thank you @Gicela @wingedeel and @katjad Congratulations on learning JavaScript! :D you are doing great. Let me know if you need anything