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Jun 2017
Katja Durrani
Jun 26 2017 11:45
@claudialoch Really like the proposal you wrote, it illustrates very well how the app could be used, I also really like the UI. I feel a bit ambivalent about the name, I think it's because I don't like pinterest very much - on the other hand I like ;) But I have to admit it fits very well, it is probably a good choice! Should talk about name at next meeting.
I've also finally managed to do something on my own task. I've so far created authentication through Github on the JS101 site (I've set separate staging site up again). It's just login, and then you are taken to a profile page (just as a test for now). There's a kind of session management in the code already, but still need to put that in place properly. Hopefully also not too difficult to extend it to app. Anyway, if some of you could test it that would be good.
Jun 26 2017 13:53
@claudialoch I very much like the pinJS concept. I read the user journeys and I like the idea of people being able to pin a resource for later reading. But we need to have a mechanism to do this easily. When it comes to use the app with all the current search input fields, I think it looks too busy. It works well on the desktop but not sure it will work on the mobile app. I think the app could be simplified so the user is able to see all the JS resources by level, type and time without the need to type anything else. Does this makes sense? I think your drawings and sketches are great and helps us visualise it better. I'd like to hear what other people think.
Thanks so much for this. I will be great to discuss it at the next meetup. :+1:
Jun 26 2017 15:47
@katjad Tested the login and get my name ;-) Well done :+1: