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Jul 2017
Katja Durrani
Jul 03 2017 01:18
@all How far is eveybody? I have tonight tried to get the authentication working on the app as well, and so far failed. But also started very late :/ Tomorrow another attempt and writing up what I've done on the wiki!
Jul 03 2017 09:25
Thanks @katjad I'm going to look at the tests today.
Jul 03 2017 13:26
Hi @all I have fixed the tests on the JS101 app and created a pull request assigned to Katja. The very outdated unit test for App.js was causing a problem. Also the unit tests relating to the AddItem and EditItem action creators. I have removed these tests so that the other 26 tests pass but these removed tests will need to be replaced in future.
Jul 03 2017 13:36
There is a chance I may not be able to make it to JS101 tomorrow as I have to go to my kids' school in the morning. I have not been able to look at the Linting issue for the sprint but I am pleased to have fixed the bigger issue of the Tests. Hope JS101 goes well tomorrowm
Jul 03 2017 19:53
@wingedeel Thanks for sorting out the test :) I only managed to add the keyword to the admin section, which is already showing on the live version.