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Jul 2017
Katja Durrani
Jul 05 2017 01:37
@/all Thanks everybody who was at the session today and everybody who did work for the sprint! Special thanks to @msajara who led this and last session; I think she started us off on a way of doing things that we will want to carry on. - Still need to update projects board, and will post photos and write-up. Anyway, it was very positive; we did get some things done in the last two weeks (work on form validation, tags, authentication, tests and UX - most of these things not quite finished but on good way! ), but also new tasks have spawned off. Also, we have a name for the app, pinJS (thanks @claudialoch) - As to carrying on the Agile way, the following plan emerged: We'll have 4-week sprints from now on, with a max 1 hr review/revision/planning at JS101. The sessions without review (2 weeks after sprint starts), we will have a "pinJS Happy hour" to discuss progress on the app more informally - in any case, at every JS101 session the 1st hour will be dedicated to the app, then from 11 - 1 the usual format with presentation/coding. There are some more plans which I will put in the writeup. -- Dates to note: Next session will be 18 July, after that 4 weeks break, then again 15 August; Sat 23 September we'll have a one-day JS workshop, @gicela @claudialoch and I visited the venue today!
Jul 05 2017 08:22
@/all Sounds like a great session and lots of positive things came out of it. Really pleased we are continuing with the Agile approach and that you have formalised a plan. Well done!
Dillon Keith Diep
Jul 05 2017 18:01
Pull request made for client-side validation
Katja Durrani
Jul 05 2017 21:23
Merged, thank you! :)