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Jul 2017
Katja Durrani
Jul 07 2017 12:27
Hi @/all Put a summary of last JS101 session here - perhaps a bit long, but might be useful to those who weren't there. I also re-ordered the wiki a bit, so we have a menu point documentation now. I started a doc about webpack but didn't get very far. Btw okay if I merge my changes into master? - Also need to put latest changes online. And then authentication! This is the udemy tutorial that I am using, another one by Stephen Grider
Forgot the link: CodeHubOrg/discussions#53
Jul 07 2017 14:08
@katjad The JS101 session is great, very informative and not too long. I'm happy for you to merge your changes :) The Stephen Grider course looks like another classic! Thanks for all your work Katja
Katja Durrani
Jul 07 2017 15:30
@wingedeel Thanks :)