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Jul 2017
Dillon Keith Diep
Jul 18 2017 09:50
This is a pretty good interactive tutorial for starting with git:
Mariya Radchuk
Jul 18 2017 09:58 - I think this is really great tutorial for starting with git too:)
Dillon Keith Diep
Jul 18 2017 12:05
Had to change line 7 of package.json to: "start": "SET NODE_ENV=production & node index.js"
to get the server running locally on Windows, can someone on UNIX confirm that it would still work this way?
Katja Durrani
Jul 18 2017 14:55
Yes, it's still working. There's a message in the terminal "SET: not found" but it is not keeping it from running! - Just seen, apparently another option would be using the cross-env package that we have already installed in the dev dependencies (would then become a regular dependency). So that would work across different OS: "cross-env NODE_ENV=production node index.js" Can somebody test on Windows? Anyway, thanks for fixing it @ArchDD!
Dave Thomson
Jul 18 2017 16:13
Next Bristol JS looks good!
Katja Durrani
Jul 18 2017 18:36
Yes it does. I'm not here unfortunately :(
Jul 18 2017 20:58
See you there @rinse0ut !