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Jul 2017
Mariya Radchuk
Jul 19 2017 09:31
Hi! Could somebody explain me why we don't use webpack-dev-server for development mode? I found the solution for live reloading with sass, but it doesn't work with "babel-node dev.js".
Katja Durrani
Jul 19 2017 10:16
It's because we want the webpack-dev-server to be integrated with express. We are using webpack-dev-middleware, which is still a dev server, just a different way of implementing it (check here
So maybe if you google for webpack-dev-middleware and hot reloading with sass you might find something.
Katja Durrani
Jul 19 2017 10:21
But I realise it's quite tricky. I do not understand all the bits of the webpack set up I have to admit, especially the hot reloading :/