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Sep 2017
Katja Durrani
Sep 18 2017 02:40
I literally can't believe it, I have finally finally got the login via Github working. I spent at least 3 nights on it getting nowhere, until now I tried to use the absolute path for the redirectURI - this is not needed when you run the app locally, but for some reason you have to do that when it's live. I was trying out so many other things. But main thing, it is there now, just as I wanted to give up.. You can try it out - It is totally unstyled and does not look like much at all: @/all
This kept me from writing the summary for last session and I've generally been quiet here, so that's not because I haven't done anything :) - There's still more to do of course, implement only logged in users accessing certain sites, user being kept logged in etc. but I think I know how to do that now, this was the biggest hurdle. I just couldn't really debug it, it just kept giving me this redirect error.
Katja Durrani
Sep 18 2017 02:46
Who is coming on Tuesday? - so far only @gicela and me signed up!
Michael Gray
Sep 18 2017 07:21
I don't think I can make it tomorrow, sorry. :worried:
Sep 18 2017 10:34
@katjad This is absolutely awesome! Well done Katja. Its a real achievement and well worth you plugging away at it for three days. I'll be at JS101 tomorrow but won't arrive till about 10.30am. See you then.
@katjad You can get some sleep tonight then? ;) Just seen the time of your last message!
Katja Durrani
Sep 18 2017 15:56
@wingedeel it was a real block, so I'm glad it's sorted. Hope to get better grips of the whole thing. Yes, must go to bed earlier tonight :) Been quite bad recently
@mjg17 looks like it is generally more difficult for you to come to JS101 now. When we get to data /backend bit can we contact you if there's something unclear?
@wingedeel see you tomorrow :)
Sep 18 2017 19:41
For those of you attending tomorrow's session on scope.
Well done @katjad and go to sleep! :smile:
Sep 18 2017 20:04
Thanks for the link @Gicela. I'll be there tomorrow @katjad, I forgot to signup via meetup last week (but I just did) :)