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Sep 2017
Sep 29 2017 11:31
is anyone familiar with this? im always busy during the week but would love to get involved if you hold evening sessions...might be worth holding a workshop using this?
Sep 29 2017 11:43
@everyone that is attending next Tuesday. This is a good guide to follow and get practicing JS Events
Sep 29 2017 12:40
@gicela Thanks, very useful. I hope to make it along on Tuesday.
Sep 29 2017 12:52
@wingedeel Hope to see you there.
@ionakathryn I have used It is good. There was a node school Bristol event a while ago but they haven't organised anything for a while
Katja Durrani
Sep 29 2017 13:23
@ionakathryn @Gicela Funnily I was just thinking yesterday it would be nice if we could do one again, teh spae at Templestudio would be great for that :)
Sep 29 2017 15:08
great! i would like to get involved with this, its such a great resource :+1: