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Oct 2017
Oct 03 2017 09:20
@wingedeel Hope to see you next time.
Oct 03 2017 09:34
Tim Handy
Oct 03 2017 16:31
I won't be able to make it... my car door window just dropped inside the door... so now have to try to fix it before it rains! I'm so angry.
Oct 03 2017 17:52
@TimHandy There are crazy traffic jams in town so even if you were on your way you'd probably be stuck in traffic (hope that makes you feel better Tim!)
Katja Durrani
Oct 03 2017 18:48
@TimHandy so sorry to hear that, must be really annoying. I hope you managed to fix it! It's packed in here today btw. Yes apparently traffic was very bad. - will probably do next hack night in three weeks, 24/10 so it's alternating with JS101