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Jul 2016
Stephane Ruhlmann
Jul 26 2016 08:41
@APshenkin codecept run --steps > report could do the job
Jul 26 2016 15:55

@stephane-ruhlmann yes, thanks. I founded other solution, because I had to create html report and console report together. I forked mocha-multi project and made several changes to support CodeceptJS. I will share it, maybe it will helpfull for you too
Reporters options for mocha-multi should be placed to reporterOptions.json in main root.

  "..\/..\/cli": {
    "stdout": "-",
    "options": {
      "steps": true
  "mochawesome": {
    "stdout": "./output/console.log",
    "options": {
      "reporterOptions": {
        "reportDir": "output",
        "reportName": "report",
        "reportTitle": "4game Test Report"

with this you can generate many type of reports at the same time. To launch it use codeceptjs run -R mocha-multi command