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Nov 2016
Kevin Gu
Nov 16 2016 06:49
Hi guys, is there a way to specified the test file paths in the tests of codecept.json?
I want to run the spcified test files instead of the default config,like below
"tests": "./*_test.js",
Sabri M.
Nov 16 2016 08:06
@junguchina you can use codecept.conf.js instead of codecept.json
by this way you can change on the fly

`exports.config = {
tests: process.env.testPath || './tests/*/-test.js',
output: './output',
data: './data/',
helpers: {
WebDriverIO: {
url: process.env.testUrl || '',
browser: 'chrome',
host: 'localhost',
waitForTimeout: process.env.testTimeout || 9000,
windowSize: 'maximize',
port: 4444
include: {

bootstrap: false,
mocha: {},
name: 'e2e'


Kevin Gu
Nov 16 2016 08:55
@smuti yeah,I know this config js file,but I means that,maybe like
tests: {
  login: './login/login_test.js',
  register: './register/register_test.js'
Kevin Gu
Nov 16 2016 09:00
Now it can only recognize the one paramter of test files,can not recognize several paramters from different folder path.