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    Eshaan Tanjeem Sabur
    have you completed the trial block and started the rest of the course
    I'm finishing level 2 of the course at the moment
    Hi I'm new here. just started enroll this course. Nice meeting you all.
    Md Hafizur Rashid
    Hello, everyone!
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    Darshan Pable
    Hello guys!
    hi guys! Newbie here
    Hi. I'm new here. Is there anyone doing graphic design with freelancing course? I need help with something
    @QiaoHui7_twitter Did you manage to get response because I can't get any response from them?
    hi everyone! i will share my homework with u all. Thank you
    hello guys, anyone fluent with wordpress here?
    i have a project in mind...i am confused on how to approach it
    Yes i can help you shaan
    how do i contact you?
    Tamim Rahman
    Hello guys, I'm new here. Nice to see you all.
    Edison Calle
    Hello guys, Newbie here. I'm hoping someone can help me solve a WordPress issue?
    Raunak Hajela
    Hi @edisonake what's the issue?
    Edison Calle
    @raunakhajela Hi, i
    Raunak Hajela
    Hey buddy
    Edison Calle
    @raunakhajela Hi, thanks i'm trying to solve an issue with WP and wp_kses_post.
    Raunak Hajela
    What's the issue?
    Edison Calle
    wp_kses_post is used to sanitize content and while doing this it doesn't output <iframe>
    Raunak Hajela
    Yaa but issue?

    on a wp template you can do this:

    $allowed_tags = wp_kses_allowed_html( 'post' );
    var_dump( $allowed_tags );

    and it will output the list of allowed html tags; iframe is not inlcuded there so i need to add it

    following the 1st block of code on that link, and editing it should add iframes.
    This is what I'm doing:
    function vipx_allow_contenteditable_on_divs() {
        global $allowedposttags;
        $tags = array( 'iframe', 'embed', 'object' );
        $new_attributes = array( 'src' => array(), 'height' => array() );
        foreach ( $tags as $tag ) {
            if ( isset( $allowedposttags[ $tag ] ) && is_array( $allowedposttags[ $tag ] ) ) {
                $allowedposttags[ $tag ] = array_merge( $allowedposttags[ $tag ], $new_attributes );
    add_action( 'init', 'vipx_allow_contenteditable_on_divs' );
    Edison Calle
    i saw that previously. This is an example of how to also make it work
    But i'm trying to follow the documentation from WordPress VIP
    Raunak Hajela
    Oh okay...will try and let you know :)
    Edison Calle
    thank you so much, I really appreciate it.
    just FYI, on their documentation, looks like they forgot to add brackets for the 'if' statement.
    Raunak Hajela
    Haaha yaa
    Caesar Ian Belza
    I hope you can help me. I'm stock at this scenario. I want to populate data from a form html to FormData(), but I can't make it work.
    var fd = new FormData();
    Hello everyone, I really don't understand how do I add jquery in Wordpress? If i am correct for group of gitter.im
    Why does Google Search mess up? No tutorial of jquery in Wordpress and nothing show how do I add in page or template full width page
    Edison Calle

    @sourceskyboxer These days, WordPress automatically loads jQuery for you, so you don't need to add it, as you can see in the code:

    This article can explain a little more if you still have questions.
    Hope this helps

    @edisonake Oh thank you for help !
    Raunak Hajela
    @edisonake WordPress include old jQuery version not new...if you make new theme which support new functions and stuff then you hv to include
    Ben Matthews
    Also remember if you are writing jQuery for WordPress to make sure that you are wrapping your code as described in https://premium.wpmudev.org/blog/daily-tip-adding-custom-js-to-wordpress-remember-jquery-noconflict-wrappers/
    is anyone has this kind of problem ?
    i've been stuck for a week with this typeform login issue
    i cannot proceed to the next chapter
    I have the same issue @aiemanqz
    can't find a way to reach the mentors to solve this problem