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    Jonathan Aldas
    Mahmudul Hasan
    hello! Good Day to every one!
    Atanas Angelov
    Hi guys!
    Can't seem to find any rules on what is OK to post here - are there any specific rules apart from "Be excellent to each other" ? :smile:
    Atanas Angelov
    If anyone is interested, I've recently published my brand new starter theme https://github.com/htmlburger/wpemerge-theme :rocket: (MVC, Routing, Middleware, SASS + PostCSS, ES6, separate bundles for front-end, admin and login pages, blade support & more)
    newbie here.. hope all is well in here guys
    yes i like this until now i am very excite .
    freelancing job now i can work any time this is great .
    i am in first road but i have many power for complete this .
    freelancing job like imagination but now is really .
    two years ago i can't work any thing
    but now i have new hope with freelancing job
    Fahim Uddin
    Can anyone have the answer of my question here ? Any suggestions or solutions would be appreciated !
    Hi there - dumb newbie question, I am looking at a site that uses [php function=xx] to inject some generated text but I just can't figure out how to find the function so I can modify its return what it returns
    hello there i want to in join coders trust how can i start ??
    i am newbie
    Serhii Dudchenko
    Hi all ! Could you recommend some free plugins for multi language support and basic SEO (like title, description, etc) ? Thank you in advance ! :)
    And could somebody tell me how to implement things like - displaying last 2 posts from specific category on the Home page, and the 3 posts from another category , etc.. ?
    Should I create short code for this reason , where create query to get 2 posts from one category, and put it response inside specific HTML . And then use this short code in editor ?
    Abdur Rahim
    i am abdur rahim
    can i join you
    yeah i done HTML & CSS fundamental part 1~!
    Just done building my website
    erm? i found this group is not responsive
    Asfahaan Mirza
    Hi there.
    anyone here?
    Hi im looking for someone who was experience with php + woocommerce + yith, im trying to solve a problem i feel im close to solving but i need some expertise!
    hi, im trying to troubleshoot why my wordpress website is so slow, can anyone help me?
    mohammed zuhair
    Any C++ developer?
    i know c++
    @zuhairkash_twitter why do u need c++ developers?
    Do i need to create a selling facebook page to submit to my mentors at chapter 3.3.1?
    mohammed zuhair
    @ajeyprasand i am new to c++ programming i going through all the latest c++ concept but not able to grab.. need some one to guide me.
    Stavros Kefaleas
    this is my blog : https://devcanvas.org
    Ryan Valenzuela Alvar
    Jesus Rivero
    @zuhairkash_twitter hi
    Hi, where can i find my student id?
    Tracy Hiew
    Hi, I am a newcomer, anyone know how to get access to the course name Digital Marketing with freelancing session 2.1.4 ? I have seek for access but it is still unaccessible.
    Hello All
    somethings wrong with my website/code/editor/motivation...
    can you fix it?...
    alrighty then, take care now bye bye then
    Shalin Jirawla
    https://www.upwork.com/fl/ShalinJirawla is my profile
    if anyone is looking for angular or dotnet core developer
    Hey everyone, any wordpress pro around?
    Shalin Jirawla
    @franzikusderreine tell me
    @shalinjirawla i was wondering if theres a way to protect all the files in the wp-content/upload folder. so far ive only found methods that make use of a .htaccess file. i tried using that but when i prohibit hotlinks my actual website wont display the images im trying to protect from hotlinking
    Jackie Tham
    Hello guy, I am Jackie, just started the course.