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    erm? i found this group is not responsive
    Asfahaan Mirza
    Hi there.
    anyone here?
    Hi im looking for someone who was experience with php + woocommerce + yith, im trying to solve a problem i feel im close to solving but i need some expertise!
    hi, im trying to troubleshoot why my wordpress website is so slow, can anyone help me?
    mohammed zuhair
    Any C++ developer?
    i know c++
    @zuhairkash_twitter why do u need c++ developers?
    Do i need to create a selling facebook page to submit to my mentors at chapter 3.3.1?
    mohammed zuhair
    @ajeyprasand i am new to c++ programming i going through all the latest c++ concept but not able to grab.. need some one to guide me.
    Stavros Kefaleas
    this is my blog : https://devcanvas.org
    Ryan Valenzuela Alvar
    Jesus Rivero
    @zuhairkash_twitter hi
    Hi, where can i find my student id?
    Tracy Hiew
    Hi, I am a newcomer, anyone know how to get access to the course name Digital Marketing with freelancing session 2.1.4 ? I have seek for access but it is still unaccessible.
    Hello All
    somethings wrong with my website/code/editor/motivation...
    can you fix it?...
    alrighty then, take care now bye bye then
    Shalin Jirawla
    https://www.upwork.com/fl/ShalinJirawla is my profile
    if anyone is looking for angular or dotnet core developer
    Hey everyone, any wordpress pro around?
    Shalin Jirawla
    @franzikusderreine tell me
    @shalinjirawla i was wondering if theres a way to protect all the files in the wp-content/upload folder. so far ive only found methods that make use of a .htaccess file. i tried using that but when i prohibit hotlinks my actual website wont display the images im trying to protect from hotlinking
    Jackie Tham
    Hello guy, I am Jackie, just started the course.
    Jackie Tham
    I have come 2.2.2 Build your own webpage, when click on link, it just jump to Codecedemy Catalog. What should I do?
    Sheikh Hafizur Rahman
    Hello, I need to talk to @admin.
    Hi guys
    This is about to sound very stupid
    But hear me out
    I'm a teenager and I have a very very good idea for a website or an app
    But i don't know the first thing about coding
    So i've been reading about start up businesses and I mean everyone started at 0
    So i was thinking what better place to ask for help than here
    I'm basically saying I wanna start a website or app and see where it goes
    I mean think of it Bill Gates didnt start off as a billionare
    Neither did Jeff Bezos
    So guys help me out
    Let's start a website or app
    And we can all share ideas and see where it goes from there
    Idk how long it will take to get someone to help but if someone really is interested in starting a form of a business let me know
    Debasish Sahoo
    Hello everyone,
    I tried to jot down a list of concepts and code snippets that would help in learning Golang and applying in Web Development :tada:
    :v: Hope you find something useful. If you like it please give it a :star2:.
    Mohd Belal
    Hi people,