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Apr 2017
Apr 26 2017 00:36
@Davo36 I just would imagine some sort of recursion for this. I haven't attempted it so I don't know.
Apr 26 2017 01:50

@JohnnyBizzel: I'm sure you could do that. I hate recursion lol. I find it so much harder to think about than going around in a loop doing moves. And also, this game is not so much a search as just a linear progression to the end - like you do one move which leads to another etc. and the order doesn't matter. You just do any move you can do, then find another etc.

But then you get to the end parts where it's unclear what to do and I think a brute force search is necessary - and recursion could well be useful here.

Just thoughts as I haven't solved this one yet.

Kamal Loudiyi
Apr 26 2017 16:43
Hi everybody, while doing the following exercice "If you can read this…” the run sample tests was successful but the attempt gave that error message : /tmp/swift117326-18-1ty81yi.lnqld6lxr/solution.swift:84:37: error: use of unresolved identifier 'CharacterSet'
.trimmingCharacters(in: CharacterSet(charactersIn: " "))
Swift.Character:51:15: note: did you mean 'Character'?
public struct Character : _ExpressibleByBuiltinExtendedGraphemeClusterLiteral, ExpressibleByExtendedGraphemeClusterLiteral, Hashable . I logged all the parameters but didn’see the issue. Any idea ? :-(