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Repo info
    Krystian Panek
    Hello! Support needed while using Gradle AEM Plugin? Don't hesitate to ask anything here :)
    Joanne Ho
    Hi - really hoping someone can help! Client is using Gradle for an AEM project, and this is my first exposure to Gradle/AEM. When this block is added to a Gradle script:
    "compileOnly"("org.apache.sling:org.apache.sling.api") {
    version {
    require("[2.16.2, 2.22.0]")
    everything builds and deploys, but the OSGi bundle won't start. The Felix console shows imported packages cannot be resolved:
    org.apache.sling.api.resource,version=[2.12,3) -- Cannot be resolved
    org.apache.sling.api.servlets,version=[2.3,3) -- Cannot be resolved
    Can anything be changed for the bundle to start?
    The org.apache.sling.api bundle in the Felix console shows v2.18.4.
    (Please excuse the question - in Maven, we can resolve the issue by adding dependencies, but I'm not sure how it works differently in Gradle)
    Thank you in advance for the help!!!
    Markdown notation didn't work - sorry!
    Krystian Panek
    Sorry, haven't seen notification for gitter.
    You could do same things here be using GAP (Gradle AEM Plugin), what you are looking for is most probably https://github.com/Cognifide/gradle-aem-plugin/blob/master/README.MD#including-additional-osgi-bundle-into-crx-package
    By using*