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Repo info
I'm a bit late sorry
It's working
probably not the best way though
but still, it's working :)
hope this helps, ping me if you need any explanation or clarification
Hi. I am using s3. What alternative is better: gridfs or filesystem to be included together with that package?
Ryan Bonomo
I am trying to insert a server-side file into an FS collection via a script. I am having trouble figruing out what to actually do. Normally I would use 'mongo --eval "db = db.getSiblingDB("myDB"); db.myColl.insert("/path/To/File")"'. Is this the correct way to insert a file server-side with collectionFS?

Hey guys,

We've been using FS.Collection for a quite a while now. Recently, we decided to add a new store to an existing collection. (so that next to 'normal' and 'original' we'll have a 'small' store). Now upon deploying, 0-byte 'images' are put into the newly created bucket. Additionally, for every existing image, Fileworker ADDED - calling deleteChunks for <_id> is called. This seems to clog the working memory of the host.

Fact of the matter is that we can't deploy as our memory quota keeps exceeding. Is there any way we could work around this? Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Looks like we solved it- for anyone with similar problems: it might be good to empty your cfs_gridfs._tempstore.chunks collection once in a while
Sebastian Sastre
Guys I'm new to CollectionFS if I have the binary data in a var in the backend and I want it written on disk, how should I proceed?
Doing Images.insert(... from the frontend is great for in this case I have already the binary data in a var in the backend. How do I write it to a file? CollectionFS can help me with that?
Ethan Drower
Does anyone have a resource on using CollectionFS for multiple file uploads? Want to take the URL from each successfully uploaded file and put into the same db record if possible
Gary L. Glasscock
Hell all!
Etienne E
Etienne E
I need to upload files from a node script to a meteor server, is Meteor-CollectionFS for that? Also auto resume is important. Could somebody point me to some resources how to accomplish that from a plain node script?
The node script is using the node-ddp package so it speaks ddp.
Mauro Allegrini
@pcorey Hi, did you solve your problem about knowing if a file upload fails and clean up? I'm facing the same issue here... thanks a lot!
Ali Gardezi
hello guys I want to know does FS collection supports mobile devices ??
Ali Gardezi
I have a meteor application. I created a android application using meteor run android. I can upload pictures on the desktop but I can't do it using the mobile device same goes for videos too
anyone has issues uploading txt files?
write stream to tempstorage never ends
anyone got experience with typescript?
Pascal Richier
Hi, I need to synchronize two servers, do anybody has an example ? Seem not be so trivial :(
Mano Thanabalan
Hi all, I am using collectionFS in meteor and I am trying to File.insert a file that has been encryted but for some reason the file is not saved on the server. When i try to insert the file unmodified with say type: 'application/pdf', it works.
I have also checked the encryption algo I am using and it works well too.
And there are no errors thrown and the callback function returns with fileObj with _id.
Btw I am trying to save the encrypted file as type "application/unknown"
I am trying to use a submit form to upload using CollectionFS with a description text field. I have the code in place but nothing happens.
<template name="hello">
Add Files<br>
  <form class="input">
    <input type="text" id="theName" name="theName"/>
    <span class="btn btn-default btn-file">
      <input multiple class="file fileInput" type="file"/>
  <input type="submit" value="Add To Collection"/>
  {{#each uploads}}
  User: {{email}}
  Filename: {{name}}
  Description: {{theName}}
  <a class="btn btn-primary" href="{{url download=true}}">Download</a>

  'submit form': function(event, template){
    var theName = event.target.theName.value;
    FS.Utility.eachFile(event, function(file){
      var currentUserId = Meteor.userId();
      var fileObj = new FS.File(file);
      fileObj.itemtext = theName;
      fileObj.userId = currentUserId;
      fileObj.email = Meteor.user().emails[0].address;
      Uploads.insert(fileObj, function(err){
Mitchell Barron
I'm looking to download & parse large CSVs, on the order of 1 million+ rows. I'm worried about memory consumption & handling disconnects. Does CollectionFS offer a good solution for this use-case?
Daniel Lamando
i don't see anything in the README about enabling caching for CFS-served images. am i missing something?
Anyone have a clue why shows up but would give me a 404? I am using cfs:s3 . would it be something with iron router ?
Daniel Lamando
what are you expecting that to do?
if you are using multiple stores, your url should be /images/whatever.png?store=thumbs
i cant change the path in windows with cfs:filesystem
any help?
the - path: "~/upload/images"; - don't work

Hi all, have a strange problem

var image = Images.findOne({_id: photo._id});
var url = image.url("Images");

url method returns null, but when i set a timeout it returns url (image displays fine)
anybody knows where is a problem?

Florian Mettetal
@YuraSrohiy I am seeing the same problem, would think synchronous nature of meteor would prevent the requirement of a timeout (which I'm assuming is waiting for the db)
Pubudu Kodikara
Hi everyone! Im having a small issue with FS Collection
As soon as I create a new FS.Collection, my app crash throwing a MongoError: auth failed
I posted the full error log here : CollectionFS/Meteor-CollectionFS#874
Pubudu Kodikara
I just magaed to fix it by defining the mongo url but now getting Storage name already exists: "_tempstore" error
is it because i once used fs.filesystem and now using grdifs?
Pubudu Kodikara
Im als getting an error like this :
Error in method "/cfs/files/:value/:value/", Error: TypeError: Cannot read property 'images' of undefined
at Object.httpGetHandler (packages/cfs_access-point/packages/cfs_access-point.js:261:1)
at Object.accessPoint.get (packages/cfs_access-point/packages/cfs_access-point.js:594:1)
at packages/cfs_http-methods/packages/cfs_http-methods.js:582:1
The provided value 'undefined' is not a valid enum value of type     XMLHttpRequestResponseType. cfs_upload-http.js:109 on trying to upload