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Gary L. Glasscock
stor d
Tung Du
anyone knows?
Justin DiPierro
@dinhtungdu If you're using a GridFS store you won't see the file in the filesystem, it's stored in chunks in MongoDB. Do you have a Filesystem Store configured?
Tung Du
@JDiPierro thank for your explanation, i get the point now :). I dont have Filesystem store, just GridFS. Thank you!
hi guys1
Emanuele Casabona
i have question! I cant find /cfs/uploads folder
in my project doesnt have that folder but files are uploaded correctly
then i can show images, inspect console shows /cfs/uploads/image id/image name/
anybody else?
hi @glumb happy new year! is this way how to get image id name to mongo collecion!?
Steve Yang
Hi all!
Maximilian Beck
@janibekm sry I don't know yet.
hi all, help me pls with add default images, if image not faund
@glumb thank you!
Steve Yang
Hi all - I was wondering - we are willing to use CFS & S3 with mutilpe meteor app server but everytime people upload they have problem with tempstore
Do you have ny idea?

I want to set this metadata in the file of s3 bucket

Content-Disposition : attachment

How can i do that?

Steve Yang
Richard Fox
Yes there are 164 members in here
Steve Yang
Yes I was wondering why my tempstore always crash
Richard Fox
Sure provide as much info as you can and someone will help you!
Steve Yang
Thank you!
I’m using CollectionFS, use filestorage or gridfs for tempstore and s3 for permanent storage. We have a few meteor applications inststance running on different machines, and whenever we try to upload files it fails. Do you have any idea?
can anyone help with ways to make this code better?
Template.postItem.helpers({ 'showPictures': function(){
return Pictures.find({},{limit:1});
I am trying to display the current image uploaded in a post
and was wondering what helper would be good to create
this is just displaying one image from the collection
without this it displays all images from collection
not sure if anyone has any suggestions?
Patrik Papso
Hey guys ! Just wanted to ask for help, I want to upload image as avatar for user and save file's _id and name in store (user_avatars) and this data save to user profile, but when I use callback in Collection.insert().. file is still not uploaded, thus I cant access saved name in store, any help ? Maybe some event listener "uploaded" ? cheers
Wesley Pannell
Is anyone here now?
Sebastian Sastre
Hi guys, how do I make it work if I need to have a collection that uses a store that has to be defined on the server side only due to sensitive accessKeyId?
any knows how to configure cfs-ui?
anybody out dere ??
Lancy Goyal
Anton Startsev

@BlueXik I use 'stored' event (works at server side only):

Images.on('stored', function (file, storeName) {
  Fiber(function () {
  let url = file.url({store: storeName})

and file should be reactively update its urls after insert at client side:

Images.insert(newFile, (error, file) => {
  // file.url({store: 'youStoreName'})

hey guys, is there a way of listing all the contents of a database of my app?
I have been building an app, all static. Haven’t created a single collection,
but I’m using some packages that I’m pretty sure are creating collections.
When I remove autopublish and deploy, the app crashes.

Do I need to set up subscriptions and publications manually for packages that use collections?

@juandanceswild Use this: https://atmospherejs.com/msavin/mongol
Gerwin Brunner
Has someone used collectionFS with S3 on galaxy yet?
Pratik Khandagale

Hi guys!
Can someone help with custom filters of reactive-table package.
I want to filter according to date
My date get's stored in db in format as "2016-02-18T00:00:00.000Z" but when I query my collection, I receive the result in following format Thu Feb 18 2016 05:30:00 GMT+0530 (IST)

I want to create a custom filter and use $lte and $gte to get my desired docs in the table. But whenever I pass in any of above format, table renders nothing!!

How to solve this issue?

hey everyone ,is there a way to know how many websocket my app uses in real time and the same on the server side
@allpratik You should ask this in the meteor/meteor chat... not CollectionFS
@gerwinbrunner Nope, but I don't see why it wouldn't work... It works on my Note 4.
Ben Jones

We're struggling with a migration

gm identify: unable to open file

Anyone have any bright ideas?


Hi guys! Is there a way to ask iron router to use the loadingTemplate until all assets (specifically images) of the page are loaded?
//my router.js first lines Router.configure({ // the default layout layoutTemplate: 'Home', notFoundTemplate: 'notfound', loadingTemplate: 'loading' }); Router.onBeforeAction("loading”);
Currently the loading template is disappearing before the browser finishes loading the images. I want the loading template to disappear after all the images are loaded in the browser.
Greetings everyone!
I've been studying meteor and when I used the CollectionFS I notices, that upon ProfileImages.insert(fsFile, function(error, result){...}) only one image of several got actually added to collection, like on the image below