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Gerwin Brunner
Has someone used collectionFS with S3 on galaxy yet?
Pratik Khandagale

Hi guys!
Can someone help with custom filters of reactive-table package.
I want to filter according to date
My date get's stored in db in format as "2016-02-18T00:00:00.000Z" but when I query my collection, I receive the result in following format Thu Feb 18 2016 05:30:00 GMT+0530 (IST)

I want to create a custom filter and use $lte and $gte to get my desired docs in the table. But whenever I pass in any of above format, table renders nothing!!

How to solve this issue?

hey everyone ,is there a way to know how many websocket my app uses in real time and the same on the server side
@allpratik You should ask this in the meteor/meteor chat... not CollectionFS
@gerwinbrunner Nope, but I don't see why it wouldn't work... It works on my Note 4.
Ben Jones

We're struggling with a migration

gm identify: unable to open file

Anyone have any bright ideas?


Hi guys! Is there a way to ask iron router to use the loadingTemplate until all assets (specifically images) of the page are loaded?
//my router.js first lines Router.configure({ // the default layout layoutTemplate: 'Home', notFoundTemplate: 'notfound', loadingTemplate: 'loading' }); Router.onBeforeAction("loading”);
Currently the loading template is disappearing before the browser finishes loading the images. I want the loading template to disappear after all the images are loaded in the browser.
Greetings everyone!
I've been studying meteor and when I used the CollectionFS I notices, that upon ProfileImages.insert(fsFile, function(error, result){...}) only one image of several got actually added to collection, like on the image below
Mac Os X + Meteor 1.2.1, thank you for help
Ok, my bad, seems like I've terminated the callback.. You just read a short play "Coder and the Obvious Mistake" )
Sander Vergeles
I am new here
I am writing Meteor+react+redux app, it will be great if some body can give me, meteor blog app example, width good structure. It will be enough to look at it, to better understand how to build applications.
Sander Vergeles
Travis Dahl
@bitomule Did you ever figure out the NoSuchKey error? I was up all last night trying to figure it out. It works locally and worked on meteor.com but now im trying to migrate my app to heroku and this is the only hangup
also tried on galaxy, same errors
This message was deleted
This message was deleted
Travis Dahl

@gerwinbrunner I am trying with no luck, it gets caught in the error handler of createReadStream for me, having the same problem on heroku. No issues locally or on the old free meteor servers

Has someone used collectionFS with S3 on galaxy yet?

Travis Dahl
Seems the Buffer isnt working for some reason
@travisdahl I don't remember how I fixed it, btw, I'll try moving out from collectionfs
Claudio Romano
On the client I have a base64 image that I would like to store to to FS.Collection. How does one do that? No shure how to create a BLOB or File out of it?
Sebastian Sastre
Guys, I'm using a store for images that writeTransforms to JPEG using graphicsmagick. How can I keep liked the original image with the one that is created by the transform? Currently they are there but unrelated. The transformed one is created after the original. Is there a way to make the transformed one have stored the id of the original somewhere? How would you do that?
Sebastian Sastre
Can I use theCollection.save(...) with something more than rawData?
where is .save being implemented? package?
Sebastian Sastre
I need to add metadata into a file that I'm saving, how do I do that?
Ali Gardezi
hello guys has anybody used spyscroll of bootstrap ?
hello guys!
Nick Germaine
Is anyone here?
Anton Startsev
Sebastian Sastre
thanks @astnt !
Geries Simon
Hi folks, can anyone share experience how to provide a download button to acccess a zip file stored in Mongo GridFS from the client/browser
Nick Germaine
The github page says build failing, and when I tried to use cfs a week ago, it complained that http methods weren't enabled on client side, and my app wouldn't start. Any way around this? I need to be able to upload files to paths, and then reference the filepaths in mongo
Nick Germaine
maybe it works on windows. I tried on linux last week, trying on windows now and it looks like it might work
Nick Germaine
Yeah, so this all works on Windows, but I need it to work on Linux.
Raylen Margono
Hey guys i keep getting the following errror : Expecting a function in instanceof check
hi guys! How to use collectionFS to angular2 any idea ?
is it possible now?
Max Svidlo
hey guys, it seems that I cannot get CollectionFS to work with Meteor (using the snippets from GitHub Docs) any idea?
Justin DiPierro
@svidlak What type of issues are you running into? It's built for Meteor, so it should work with Meteor :P
Jake Lacey
Hi @svidlak I've had trouble getting CollectionFS working as well, but I've managed to now get it working with local file storage and s3(ish) :) but what issues are you having?
can anybody help me with s3?
random. Feel free to use my website for your collaboration. Www.geekprogrammers.com
Let me know your thoughts guys
The benefit of adding the issues here is that we will have all the history and we can always go back and refer to it. This would be for every bodies benefit.
CollectionFS/Meteor-CollectionFS@b9af68a Deprecated /sob
Razvan Margineanu
Why is collectionfs deprecated, is it replaced by something else?
Immanuel Valle
anyone has a fork on this one?
Was looking for this type of functionality but like Razvan Margineanu I see it's deprecated. Does anyone know why or what to use instead?