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Repo info
Mike Bobadilla
@guidouil I hadnt even thought of that. I constantly forget about npm
Rustam Salavatov
@cyclops24 hi, look https://github.com/VeliovGroup/Meteor-Files maybe nice alternative
Ba Ba K
Thanks @fortunto2 It's seems awesome alternative.
Guillaume Darbonne
yup I had not meteor-files on my radar and I implemented it yesterday and it rocks
so I seem to have this issue when I deploy apps
I'm trying to play an audio source
but I return the url from the server
I notice it doesn't have the token at the end
it works in all browsers but when I deploy to ios, it gives me a bad request
any ideas?
got some questions related to collections, is anybody here got couple of minutes?
Hello! Since CollectionFS is deprecated what are you using as an alternative?
Hi @k0sar . I think meteor-files is a good alternative
Hello @leizard is there any good resources on that or just the documentation?

I am having a problem with cfs,I am trying to use ffmpeg to process the uploaded video files,such as takeScreenshots or check video's width, height,duration.
I succeed this part by using
var video_file= Materials.findOne({_id:'KxmAsTwtoSdMTFfFp'}) var rstream = video_file.createReadStream('materials') new ffmpeg(rstream).takeScreenshots(...)

but I dont know where to put these code,I tried putting them here:
if (Meteor.isServer) {
but it doesn't work

I guess the reason is that the file is not completely uploaded yet,but how can I check it...
if (file.hasStored('materials'))
doesn't work for me or I am not putting this in right place?
Guillaume Darbonne
CFS is discontinued, you should use https://github.com/VeliovGroup/Meteor-Files now ore direct node.js fs implementation with a file reader in the front end or https://github.com/CulturalMe/meteor-slingshot if you whant s3
I use meteor-files and also qwant in a server method to reduce png size
Thanks a lot @guidouil
Guillaume Darbonne
look at the .on('end',func) after an insert
and also qwant in a server method to reduce png size
what is this qwant? q?
Guillaume Darbonne
sorry pngquant
is this a API of cfs or Meteor-Files
Guillaume Darbonne
you should drop cfs, sorry mate
Thank you very much! @guidouil
Feeling pity to drop it though...
Guillaume Darbonne
I had the same filling...
Kehinde Orilogbon
Hello all
Kehinde Orilogbon
Is this package still being maintained? I need urgent help please
show more code like where you use "Images",
and also you can dive into this lib by yourself as the filename and line number is shown in error info. It's in homedir /.meteor/packages both on Windows and Linux
hello people. i hope everybody is having a good sunday so far. Do anybody happens to know how can I get data return from createContainer to this.state without using componentDidUpdate on Meteor React?

Hello! I'm hafing an issue with getting a link to an image. I had to change from gridfs to filesystem. But now I can't see the uploaded pictures on the client. I already deleted them and re-uploaded. I'm working with 2 apps, a backend and a frontend. At the backend I can see the thumbnails (as I'm suposed to) but at the frontend the images don't appear.

I know this is very abstract, but some tips would be welcome. How can I debug, what to check for, a tutorial... I already googled and read some info, but I don't seem to grasp the problem.

this project is not maintened anymore
Punita Ojha
This message was deleted
Juergen Hauser
Hello, I have some trouble with $elemMatch. I get always the whole document but not the specific Information I need.
 let machineSi = siMd.find({},{machineList: {$elemMatch: {machine: 'C7700163'}}});
  _id: "SI-MD_13-2",
  machineList: [
      _id: "c292f5bbdf0949fad98e4ca7",
      siStatus: NumberLong("0"),
      machine: "C7700163"
      _id: "90d0b9aa15ab669d7a58a3f7",
      siStatus: NumberLong("0"),
      machine: "C7700170"
      _id: "537be0b35fb92d143488496d",
      siStatus: NumberLong("0"),
      machine: "C7700174"
Federico Mazzei

Hi, I have a problem; in my localhost it works, but when I upload it to production it gives me this error.

Error in method "/cfs/files/:value/:value/", Error: TypeError: Cannot read property 'chica' of undefined
at Object.httpGetHandler (packages/cfs_access-point.js:380:33)
at Object.get (packages/cfs_access-point.js:698:39)
at packages/cfs_http-methods.js:604:33

Which is what I need to configure in the server so that I do not get this error.