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    Dilum De Silva

    Hello all,

    Welcome to the Colombo flutter community gitter channel. we would love to see that you folks are sharing content only related to flutter, dart or relevant in this gitter channel.

    Also, we highly recommend you to request for a gitter room for any of the projects which is published through the Colombo Flutter Community GitHub.

    let's flirt with flutter ...

    Avinath Pulathisi Gunasekara
    Hey guys, welcome!!
    Looking forward to building some apps with everyone!
    Aadhil Imam
    Hi all
    Asel Peiris
    Yohan Malshika
    Hi guys!
    Ashan Dhanapala
    Hey guys
    Dilum De Silva
    @/all meet @nomadgeek89 one of the mentors for Colombo Flutter Community
    Chatura Dilan
    Hi All

    I have little issue in one of my sample app.
    If anyone can help me to sort this out , that would be a great help.

    i have created sample application and i use streams to load data to screen , i have one screen to save data , and same screen is used to edit the saved data.At bottom navigation bar i have 3 options to select , lets call them "Option A","Option B" and "Option C" , user tap on "Option B" and save the data. i store them in database.once user loads edit screen i have to load all option and previously saved option. i load master data (all options) using bloc and bind data to bottom navigation bar , How do i set the previously selected option when form load ?

    shashila heshan
    Hi guys waiting
    @CubeRoshan store them inside ArrayList or a map and when the state is change check weather the map or list is empty or not then if not null or empty set the values from that map to form fields with that stream
    shashila heshan
    @CubeRoshan provide the sample ui interface and bloc
    @shashilaheshan how do i load both master and saved data from stream ? i will post source code.
    @shashilaheshan here is code
    Widget _buildBottomNavigationBar() {
        List<BottomNavigationBarItem> items = List();
        int iconIdex = 1;
        return StreamBuilder(
          stream: _ratioBloC.inputObservable(),
              (context, AsyncSnapshot<List<CementSandAggregateView>> snapshot) {
            _scaffoldContext = context;
            if (snapshot.hasData) {
              snapshot.data.forEach((mix) => {
                        icon: iconIdex == 1
                            ? Icon(Icons.filter_1)
                            : iconIdex == 2
                                ? Icon(Icons.filter_2)
                                : Icon(Icons.filter_3),
                        title: Column(
                          children: <Widget>[Text(mix.name), Text(mix.ratio)],
                    ratioArr[iconIdex - 1] = mix.id,
              return BottomNavigationBar(
                  items: items,
                  currentIndex: _selectedRatio,
                  fixedColor: Theme.of(context).buttonColor,
                  onTap: _onItemTapped);
            } else {
              return Container(
                height: 0.0,
                width: 0.0,
    class CementSandAggregateMixBloC {
        BehaviorSubject<List<CementSandAggregateView>> _cSAMixController;
        BLoCProvider provider;
        provider = new BLoCProvider();
        _cSAMixController = new BehaviorSubject<List<CementSandAggregateView>>();
      _init() async{
        List<CementSandAggregateView> data = await provider.getAllRatios();
      Observable<List<CementSandAggregateView>> inputObservable() => _cSAMixController.stream;
        void dispose() {
    Lakshitha Sahabandu
    hi, how to add payment gateway to flutter app? it must be supported to sri lanka.
    Udesh Kumarasinghe
    Hi @all, it nice join this community and work with you all
    Hi all, My first flutter app live on Google Play. If there are any suggestions about it please let me know.
    Thank you.
    Manojitanjan Chakma
    I am making a gridview menu .when i added "child: Image.asset(servicePhoto)), " to the card, an error message pop up saying "'package:flutter/src/painting/image_resolution.dart': Failed assertion: line 135 pos 15: 'assetName!= null': is not true.". I tried flutter clean. lots of googling. but nothing solved my problem. can anyone help me on this?
    Avinath Pulathisi Gunasekara
    @Manojitanjan hey, did you correctly add the photo name to the pubspec.y?
    Avinath Pulathisi Gunasekara
    By photo name, I mean the filename*
    Ray Rizvi
    Hey Guys. Any one open for opportunities in development using Flutter? :)
    shashila heshan
    @lakziro payhere and other gateways are not supporting yet .. But you can try it with platform channels with native code.. or else try webview and make http requests using that webview to make payment
    @Manojitanjan post the full snippest here
    Nifras Ismail
    Hey @all Happy to join with Colombo flutter devs
    any one open for a flutter initiative project ? as freelancing
    hey @nifrasismail I'm open for fultter project as a freelancer.
    Hey i am new to this flutter and i am so intereted in making an app. But at some points i get stuck (eg; stateful widget)and stuff.Can anyone help me?
    can I join payhere payment gateway to flutter?
    for both iOS and android
    Hello, @all I am developing a project called disaster prevention for my project. I want to know how to connect google maps with the current location. When the apps load, the users' current location has to be load. How can I code for this? Anyone can help me to fix this matter. (I am new to Flutter)
    Nifras Ismail
    geolocator package give you easy way to getting the current location @Dulmin-WG https://pub.dev/packages/geolocator
    Okay, Thank you bro @nifrasismail
    Kushan KS Edirisooriya
    hi all , nice to connect with