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Jun 2016
Jun 25 2016 01:04
hey fort awesome do not use the bootstrap link how can i get around that?
Any suggestions?
Jun 25 2016 01:21
found the answer! this is the new font awesome link <link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="">
Jun 25 2016 03:59
Currently in section 11 - array iteration - having a hard time understanding the use of "forEach”? Been playing over n over again but still don't get it..
Jun 25 2016 11:34
Hello, this is Winnie and I just started this course to improve my web development knowledge
Amir Braham
Jun 25 2016 12:13
Hi , Welcome TO WDB :D , @winniequartey
John Gisel
Jun 25 2016 16:09
How do you convert the value of an object, (ex. {href:}), to a string for splicing
Jun 25 2016 17:16
@jackdiesel Have you tried something like var newString=object. Something. toString()
Edmundo Rubio
Jun 25 2016 17:23
hello: what is the short cut in sublime tex 3 to comment out lines of html?
James Hall
Jun 25 2016 17:34
@Edxael Well, it's ctrl + / in Atom. I imagine it's the same in sublime
Edmundo Rubio
Jun 25 2016 17:34
let me try it
yes it work, thanks James, I really appreciate.
James Hall
Jun 25 2016 17:36
no problem