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Jan 2017
Jan 04 2017 00:50
hi everyone. is there someone who knows or expert in Laravel framework? can you refer to me someone who is really good at this framework. I badly needed help. i hope you can help me. Thank you
Jan 04 2017 03:17
@MissLouisePiper what do you need to know about Laravel
Jan 04 2017 14:53

Hey Guys short question:

Why does Colt write CSS like this:

p {
color: yellow;

instead of this:
p { color: yellow; }
it both seems to work
Juan Gomez
Jan 04 2017 15:03
@TehNearz you can write it that form as well, but normally we do more than one attribute on a tag, so it just looks more readable than a one liner. I prefer the block style the way Colt does, if you look at the bootstrap min CSS code you will notice that they use like 3 lines but with thousands of attributes and tags.
Jan 04 2017 15:04
@r2toretto Thanks man! That really clears it up for me
Juan Gomez
Jan 04 2017 15:05
@TehNearz no problemo
Jan 04 2017 15:35
Hey y'all, Faheem here. Just got in the course today. I'm a student in Dubai studying BSc IT. Hoping to learn something from y'all :smile: