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Jan 2017
Jan 08 2017 01:44
Hello, I am also brand spanking new! Happy new years resolution = learn and talk code !!!
Jan 08 2017 03:48
Hey guys, think there's a bunch of us doing our new year resolution while it's still Jan :)
Jan 08 2017 07:00
Hey every one! I’m new here looking forward to learning from an talking to you all!
Raven Dickerson
Jan 08 2017 07:56
Hey everyone! Glad to see I'm not the only newbie.
Jan 08 2017 11:46
Hi, I'm a newbie too. Nice to meet you all. (I'm another New Year's resolution person) :smile:
Jan 08 2017 11:56
Hi I am Michael from Germany. I am a new here too and I am glad to meet you ;-)
SK Tauseef Rahaman
Jan 08 2017 15:52
Hi, I am Tauseef from India. Glad to be a part of WDB. Am a newbie too
Jan 08 2017 17:04
hello all ;)
Jan 08 2017 17:43
Hello. I'm Ahmed from Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina. This is actualy my first online course, usually i used yt for things that i needed, but now i want to learn some new thing about programming, to get in touch with some new stuff. Hope that it isn't freezing in your places :D.
Ishan Garg
Jan 08 2017 17:50
Hi i am Ishan from India. Nice to meet you all.
Jan 08 2017 18:03
@IshanGarg2596 hello to u too sir
Jan 08 2017 19:18
Hey, everybody! How are you this evening? Wishing everybody the best journey and let everyone reach their goals! xx
Jan 08 2017 19:19
Hi everyone! Good luck and have fun!
Amir Braham
Jan 08 2017 19:36
hello folks !
Jan 08 2017 19:37
@AmirBraham Good evening, sir!
Amir Braham
Jan 08 2017 19:37
I'm often finding myself forgetting about specific functions or concept
like , I'm at the Restfull routing section
Jan 08 2017 19:38
Yup, same here
Amir Braham
Jan 08 2017 19:38
I tried creating the blog on my own
Jan 08 2017 19:38
Thats why we're here ;)
Amir Braham
Jan 08 2017 19:38
but really struggling to do so !
Thanks ! , does this happens to you ?
Jan 08 2017 19:39
Yup -_- been reading a ton of materials and seen a lot of videos, but when i have to do something myself, the struggle starts.
But, the more we learn the more we can do
Amir Braham
Jan 08 2017 19:40
yes ! I'm already creating my personal website !
and learning more advanced concepts on my own that are mentioned in this course later !
Jan 08 2017 19:41
good, keep coding!
Amir Braham
Jan 08 2017 19:42
haha :D , I got one other issue
I'm thinking about freelancing one i complete the course ,
however , I need to have a good portfolio , is there any open source projects or original ideas that's impressive ?
Jan 08 2017 19:44
@AmirBraham you don't wanna focus on that. You want to find the 3 types of customers you want to target and show a couple of projects like they will want. At the beginning your potential clients DO NOT care about code, they don't understand code they just want you to be able to do their site for them
Amir Braham
Jan 08 2017 19:46
Okay , but I'm looking to gain more experience and skills , but really lack website ideas ?
Jan 08 2017 19:47
@AmirBraham so maybe you shouldn't be soo concerned with website ideas until you get your skills up??
I can give you 50 different sites to look at but that is irrelevant. you have to "market" to your potential clients not MY potential clients
@AmirBraham take for instance this site. It IS amazing but it would be the worst site in the world for me personally so who cares
@AmirBraham and if you sent a locally owned business owner to that site guess what they WILL NOT be going with you for their site
@AmirBraham so figure out what you know, who you want as your customer and build the portfolio accordingly
Jan 08 2017 19:54
@AmirBraham Yup, Listen to Boomer, this dude knows what hes talking about, either hes allready in the industry or he has done hes homework and researched all over the internet.
Amir Braham
Jan 08 2017 19:59
@boomer1204 Thank you for your advice !! , I will take into consideration what you said about targeting my customers :D
Jan 08 2017 21:40
Hello, all!
Jan 08 2017 22:56

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Prioritize One Style Over Another
im not understand any of these :(