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Jan 2017
Chris Cullen
Jan 18 2017 11:20
@KacimFedjkhi linked to bootstrap.css and a cdn script at the bottom i think
Paul Kelly
Jan 18 2017 15:10
Hi guys, I would like to display images of the webpages I have built in my portfolio section, how can I do this?
Surya Teja
Jan 18 2017 15:15
Any of you aware of the iPhone push notifications... ?
Jan 18 2017 18:36
hey guys,
when i open the javascript console on the google page, i see error that i don't see on Colts screen. - "Service Worker termination by a timeout timer was canceled because DevTools is attached". Any idea why? Thanks
Jan 18 2017 18:58
@daoassociates Not sure, but usually ignored it as it doesn't sem
It doesn't seem to affect me.