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Jan 2017
Jan 19 2017 03:30
Hi. I'm Gary. Never coded a day in my life. Very eager to learn.
Jan 19 2017 04:25
When I done this course. How can I get to work online ?
I live in Myanmar Daw Aung San Su Kyi
Please suggest help me where to work onlin?
Jan 19 2017 11:07
Apply to jobs online or work as a free lancer man
Bernard Matius Luigi b, Lubrido Jr.
Jan 19 2017 15:29
hello everyone
Jan 19 2017 16:53
Jan 19 2017 17:54
Hello, world! I'm tired of being just the tech guy, making peanuts for doing grunt work. I need to create something and get paid well to do it!! Coding my way to better life!
Jan 19 2017 17:56
What do you mean with “Just the tech guy?” What do you do ?
Fabio Eloi
Jan 19 2017 19:00
Hi, coders! I'm a tech savvy musician/producer/audio engineer aspiring to make my debut in .js visuals and web stuff! Hope to learn a lot here!
Jan 19 2017 20:32
search this to check out my latest project
Bernard Matius Luigi b, Lubrido Jr.
Jan 19 2017 20:33
hello guys I just want to ask something. To be a front end web developer, do I need to learn photoshop or illustrator also
Jan 19 2017 20:34
@Fonacier depends on the job you are applying for. Some companies want it, some need it and some don't care
Admir Kurtovic
Jan 19 2017 20:34
@Fonacier well, if you want to be a "Unicorn", why not :)
I know PS and AI, but want to know code now
Bernard Matius Luigi b, Lubrido Jr.
Jan 19 2017 21:03
@boomer1204 @admir23 thanks guys. but do you know where can I find some resources about photoshop and illustrator for web design?
Bernard Matius Luigi b, Lubrido Jr.
Jan 19 2017 21:05
thanks @boomer1204
Jan 19 2017 21:05
Paul Kelly
Jan 19 2017 21:49
Hi guys, I'm having trouble setting a up a form that you submit to an email, can anyone help?
Jan 19 2017 22:28
Hey Guys, brand new to the scene from Syd AU, Currently run a wordpress business site for a friend, looking to develop my skills in a wider area of web dev skills. Stoked to be here cant wait to get started when I finish work for the week!
Amir Braham
Jan 19 2017 22:48
hey guys !
Jan 19 2017 23:20