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Jan 2017
Willy Khosuma
Jan 29 2017 09:30
Hi everyone! Will here. just starting to learn web development! Nice to meet you all :)
Atdhe Kurteshi
Jan 29 2017 14:25
@Colt tried the in mongoose the findeByIdAndUpdate its not working
an help please what should don instead
Jan 29 2017 14:27
finally figured out the cloud9 and github connection, now ready to start the course. Anyone just starting the journey like me , raise your hand :smile:
Jan 29 2017 15:06
hand raised
Jan 29 2017 15:20
@Sal56 , let's do this together. what is your end goal?
Jan 29 2017 21:17
hi all
Jan 29 2017 21:31
Hello! My name is Tyrone. Im new here. I've studied HTML & CSS in the past and now my goal is to learn Javascript. I manage a site for a local business...check it out