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Mar 2017
Mar 05 2017 00:40
Hello All, need some help here please. Im on Section 7 (Bootstrap) Lecture 65 (Navbars). When I go to There isn't a link to the navbar section....anyone else experiencing this?
Einstein Villamor
Mar 05 2017 01:01
its in the components
Mar 05 2017 01:07
haha guys so i'm on section 3 lecture 13 and reading the html introduction page, did anyone else feel like a lot of the words went over their head at first?
or as i finish the video maybe it will expain it more?
ignore this. wrong chat room
Mar 05 2017 01:46
Hello, I am George, just getting started with the Bootcamp.
Nadia Sanchez
Mar 05 2017 06:29
@ClintonBaker I didn't get a chance to add the error message, my internet crashed.
Mar 05 2017 06:44
Hello i am dipak just start with bootcamp
Mar 05 2017 07:20
Hi I got a question about section 3 solution, any help?
Samuel Zhen
Mar 05 2017 07:47
@vdwhite Hey, let me try answer it for you. What's up?
Matouš Roskovec
Mar 05 2017 11:24
Hey, I'm Matt and I just started with this course... just a quick question: You're using Sublime, but I'm used to Atom. Is that going to be a problem during the course?
Samuel Zhen
Mar 05 2017 11:40
I'm using Atom too. So far no problem.
Matouš Roskovec
Mar 05 2017 11:57
@SamuelZhen95_twitter thanks!
Mar 05 2017 16:38
Hi everyone! i'm Peter, new to the WDBootcamp
Vinay Swaminathan
Mar 05 2017 18:29
Issues I'm trying to solve, would appreciate any help:

  1. Constistently lags while scrolling through different sections.
  2. Clicking nav links causes jerky jumps to sections instead of smooth scrolling
  3. When resized to a smaller screen, and the nav collapses into a menu button, the menu doesn't collapse again after clicking a link to navigate to.

Can anyone point me to some resources that might help with my 2nd and 3rd issue? The 1st might be some mess up with my code

Mar 05 2017 20:27
Your culprit is the 'background: fixed'. Something about the browser having to repaint with background set to fixed.
Vinay Swaminathan
Mar 05 2017 20:28
Thank you for the feedback! I will change it and check again.
Well removing the parallax reduces but doesn't remove the issue :(. the parallax was part of what I liked about my page. Any other reasons? because there doesn't seem to be an issue in this page:
Mar 05 2017 20:33
Nice work by the way
Vinay Swaminathan
Mar 05 2017 20:34
thanks :)
Mar 05 2017 21:15

Made some minor modifications:

Seem to have some lag.

Vinay Swaminathan
Mar 05 2017 21:43
the lag is due to the images rendering I found out. thanks for your time though :). and the reason I started the div for the first background above the nav was because the bg wasn't spanning the whole page. @futuregit
Mar 05 2017 21:48
@Vinayswami91 I glad you figure it out :+1: