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Mar 2017
Mar 13 2017 00:55
Your welcome @ macjabeth. If problem not solved as of yet, goto:
Andy Foster
Mar 13 2017 02:19
Hi everyone, I have a question. I was creating a project to include everything we went over in the HTML units just as kind of a recap. I was making a sign-in form of sorts. With the form tags at the beginning and end of the form my validations wouldn't work, but with just the opening tag in the beginning and no closing tag at the end of everything the validations work. Can anyone explain why? :D
Never mind, I think my typing out my question helped me see it. I had the form tag in the wrong placement. Thanks anyway! lol
Denise Phua
Mar 13 2017 03:45
Hello! I have a question about having whitespaces in html attributes. I've looked in stackoverflow and it seems like it's ok and it works but I have coder friends who say that it's not generally a good practice. Any thoughts about that?
Raunak Gupta
Mar 13 2017 03:50
@deplix Coder friends are right!
Mar 13 2017 11:34
Hey guys! What have I missed?
Mar 13 2017 17:36
Good day everyone! Hey I have a question, why does Colt say that he likes to avoid w3schools? It seems like a pretty decent website to me, am I missing something?
Mar 13 2017 17:47
@nadz88 it has gotten a little better but not too long ago the information there was not always correct
Mar 13 2017 17:48
@boomer1204 Ah I see
Mar 13 2017 21:31
Anyone else experiencing significant delays in their c9 pages?
Mar 13 2017 21:32
like loading times
Mar 13 2017 21:52
Yeah, loading times so long it seems that it's broken, or it breaks

and you end up with errors like this:

<meta charset='utf-8'>
<title>Error 502 - Bad Gateway</title>
<link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="" />
<style type="text/css">
.error_content {
background: rgba(255, 255, 255, 0.23);
padding: 10px;
width: 641px;
margin: 25px 0;
display: none;

#error-msg {
display: block;
<body class="errorUnknown light">
<div id="wrapper">
<h1>Error 502 - Bad Gateway</h1>
<div class="error_content" id="error-msg">
<p>Please click <a href="javascript:location.reload(true)">here</a> to try again, if the issue persists please contact <a href="">support</a></p>

<a href="">Status Page</a> |
<a href="">Support</a> |
<a href="">Dashboard</a> |
<a href="">Home</a>

Mar 13 2017 22:16
I mean 502 is a resource error if I remember correctly. So either the server is getting all of it's resources used or a script wasn't closed or running non stop
Mar 13 2017 22:16
yeah I got the same problem too. probably their servers are down
it worked now