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May 2017
May 06 2017 00:08
Hi everyone, I really need your help with something.. I'm making a search form, the user can select a state in the dropdown menu, and then a city from the corresponding dropdown menu, and I want the search results to be just that particular city. Does anyone know of any github links or online tutorials that can help me? Thanks in advance :)
May 06 2017 00:24
Hello world, I'm new
May 06 2017 01:18
Hey fam, Mac or PC? &. Why?
May 06 2017 04:58
hey everyone
David Nunes
May 06 2017 05:22
@JinTakaa Mac or PC, do you just mean what do we use? Or what's best for this course? Or what's our favorite?
May 06 2017 12:51
hello everyone
Seth Davis
May 06 2017 14:10
Hello friends
Nathan A. Patterson
May 06 2017 14:13
@JinTakaa I like PC better. Never owned a MAC, but have used them. Personal preference.
And, hello, everyone.
May 06 2017 15:26
I was a staunch PC user until I got a MAC in 2015. I use my MAC more than my PC.
Erol Aliyev
May 06 2017 15:36
hi everyone!
i have one question
is it good practice to use bootstrap to make website responsive or create from scratch?
Лобанов Кирилл
May 06 2017 16:17
Yes, it’s easy, faster
Dain Danny Ramnauth
May 06 2017 18:32
Learn how media queries work in CSS and so that when you use bootstrap you know why your doing.
Sometimes for small projects bootstrap can be a big file to use so it's best to manually do it in CSS
Michael Dogan
May 06 2017 21:34
I have a question. I’m following along with Bootstrap Gallery Pt.1 from the course, and I noticed something strange. It looks like the outside of Colt’s Jumbotron are in perfect line with the outside of the thumbnail images. Mine doesn’t do this. It’s as if mine have some extra margin on the Jumbotron, or padding in the container. Both thumbnail images and jumbotron are in the same container. Any ideas?
Johnny Hu
May 06 2017 21:57
It's possible @MichaelDogan. Try inspecting your element in Chrome. Highlight the "suspected" element and see if you can identify where the extra spacing might be coming from.
Or share you code with us and we can help you look as well.
Michael Dogan
May 06 2017 21:58
Yeah, I’ve tried and I cant see anything. Its very strange. I even styeld the container with a red background. You can see a red “margin” left and right of the jumbotron of about 15px, but not on the sides of the thumbnail elements. I’ve even rebuilt the page following the tutorial a second time, and get the same result. :-/
Karan Nandha
May 06 2017 22:01

Anyone interested in learning about Passport.js with node.js? Will be broadcasting on twitch in a little bit

Johnny Hu
May 06 2017 22:24
@MichaelDogan Are you using the same exact version of Bootstrap as Colt?
If you're using a newer version, it could very well be a change Bootstrap made to its framework? Hard to tell what exactly is going on without seeing any code.