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Feb 2017
Feb 27 2017 16:43
Hi everyone, i am from Brazil and totally new to programming. Excited for the journey! Let's do it
Feb 27 2017 19:37
Hello all. Just beginning this Bootcamp offering. I currently make a part of my living designing and developing custom Wordpress sites (the other portion of my living is earned as an RF Engineer). However, I am 100% self taught (made my first website in 1998) and always feel like I kind of go at it haphazardly and don't get/understand the structure and workflow the way I should. I do it my way, instead of the right way. So, that is why I am here... to try and learn to not do it my way and rather do it the right and hopefully more logical way.
Khoi Ng
Feb 27 2017 21:47
Hey guys, I am Khoi from Toronto. Just figured out the course on Udemy and found it very interesting so I decided to join the journey. I am completely a white paper of this field. Nice to meet you guys, Cheers!!!