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Feb 2017
Feb 28 2017 00:13
Hi guys. This is Kiran. I am working on Java. UI always amuses me. Getting started today. Nice to meet you all.
Kina Lee
Feb 28 2017 08:19
Hello, I am Kina from San Francisco Bay Area. Nice to meet you!
Shadda Mohammed
Feb 28 2017 22:32
Hello, I am Shadda from Calgary, Canada. This is my first day starting the course. I am glad to start and nice to meet you guys :)
Feb 28 2017 23:14
Hey.. super excited to be doing this course. wishing everyone a big, "HELLO".. "It does not matter how slowly you go so long as you do not stop" THATS ME !
Feb 28 2017 23:23
Hello everyone! I just bought the course. I am doing taking this because I recently decide to start a project that is in need of a webpage. So I went shopping and got my domain and a host but when it came time to get a page set up I just couldn't accept not knowing how it was built or how to maintain it or change it when I need to. Then there are all these developer frameworks for.... well developers. sigh. So here I am!