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Mar 2017
Melanie Green
Mar 01 2017 01:55
Hi, I'm Melanie from the Kansas City area. Goal is to become a front-end web developer, but who knows I might dive in deeper and want to try out full stack.
Mar 01 2017 04:21
Rodrigo from Orlando, FL here. I'm a professional job-hopper and have been having trouble figuring out where I want to go career-wise in my life. I'm 25, and I feel like I've done pretty much every entry level job known to man, but I'm not enjoying what I'm doing. I tried out an in-person bootcamp a while back that was being taught within my alma mater and felt like I was understanding the program but couldn't juggle working full-time and keeping up with the homework so I eventually had to drop the course. My ultimate goal is to come out of this course with a different way of solving problems and a new skill set to sport on my resume. I plan to move to San Francisco later this year so I want to make sure I stand a fighting chance with the job market out there. Nice to meet everyone and can't wait to start.
Mar 01 2017 08:50
Finally!! Just finished the bootcamp :)
Maisie CC
Mar 01 2017 10:37
Hi all,
soz. Didnt mean to post that single line. Oops! So no carriage returns then?!
I did a masters in information systems years ago and there was no web development content. So really pretty much a novice. Im in Scotland. Its about 6 degrees c today
Congrats Wittner on completing the course! 😊
Mar 01 2017 12:29
Congratulations @M-Wittner ! For the newbs like me....So what did you think of the course? As the host for to old TV Game Show used to say when looking for a match...... "Survey Says!"
Mar 01 2017 15:38
Hi. I'm Wim from Belgium and I've decided I'm changing careers. After about 20 odd jobs over the last 12 years (train driver, technician, factory stuff,...), I'm turning to the field of IT. Did a very basic course on HTML 5 already and I love the kind of challenges. Not sure if I want to be a front end developer, run membership sites or webshops or build an agency. But I'm expecting it'll become clearer as I go through WDB.
Hope you guys are having an awesome day!
@M-Wittner Was it as kick ass as you hoped? Congratulations all the same!
Mar 01 2017 20:17
Howdy - I'm starting out here in web dev and coding with near-zero experience in the field, looking to learn some things and change careers--I'm a carpenter and handyman and do some writing. Wondering if anyone has any general advice about the field or the course that maybe you wish someone had told you when you were starting out. Thanks!
Mar 01 2017 20:50
@Xander68 @Wicked83 It's great but for me too much code-along and less try and do yourself .... right know I'm at the position that I'll be able to understand code in front of me but not able to write it myself from scratch
Mar 01 2017 20:58
thanks, but there's a big difference between the exercises and real world problems
Mar 01 2017 20:59
pressure I would imagine.
If programming has taught me anything it's that I have learned best while just practicing and thought " what happens if I do this?" then tried itout.