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Mar 2017
Danielle Owens
Mar 16 2017 04:43
Hi! Total newbie to coding... Looking forward to learning how to create some great looking websites! I was prompted to take this course on Udemy as I am looking for a career change. Something that will keep me consistently challenged and not get "boring". Excited to get going! :)
Mar 16 2017 07:42
welcome danielle, you're in for a pretty good time! I've started the course a few hours ago and its pretty fun, also a total noob
Mar 16 2017 08:20
Hi, my name is Mina. I’m newbie to coding. I majored in Biology when I was in college. After graduating, I worked at startup for six months. During that time, I thought that I need some programming concepts in order to communicate with developers well and I want to study web/app development. So, I take this course with this passion. Looking forward to class.
Raspal Seni
Mar 16 2017 08:38
Nice story @mina2292 :smile:
welcome to the bootcamp
Mar 16 2017 14:05
Hi , I am raahul ... Tried learning how to code before which didn't go well . Hope Will learn this time without leaving half way
Looking forward to Join with some one to peer learning if any one interested will discuss how we can take this forward
Mar 16 2017 17:15
Hi everyone, I'm Timm(no the second M is not a typo lol!) around a year ago I started my journey to changing my career from retail management to becoming a web developer. While I feel like I'm in a good spot knowledge wise, this course was highly recommended so I wanted to try it out!