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Aug 2018
Aug 08 2018 01:38
Hello all, I've just joined the course in hopes of adding some new technologies to my skillset. Thanks.
Ekramul Haque Jiad
Aug 08 2018 03:37
thank you @barriosan95
Aug 08 2018 03:48
Hello! :D
@rollsmorr Nice!
Aug 08 2018 13:36
Started this exactly a week ago and I have got to the intermediate CSS part after doing 45 minutes a day, and I've got to say this course is brilliant. I knew the basics of HTML and CSS but I already feel like I have learned much more, and I'm looking forward to learning more CSS and other languages like JavaScript. For any beginners coming here, I certainly recommend you keep going because this course has been extremely rewarding so far.
Seemran Mishra
Aug 08 2018 15:12
Hey guys! Joined the course this morning. Till now loving it. I already knew the basics a bit and the course is really modular and practical. Hope it continues the same way. Fingers crossed!
Aug 08 2018 16:56
Sebastian Rørhus
Aug 08 2018 17:09
Can I just ask how long people usually take to graduate from this course?
Aug 08 2018 17:44
@whyudonethis_twitter probably varies - I'm assuming some individuals have a job and take the course during their free time and others are diving head deep into this. Personally, its taken me a little less than a month. Almost done. But this is because I am working on a side project as I code along with the course.
Aug 08 2018 19:20
I'm looking forward to getting started!
Kelly Henderson
Aug 08 2018 19:41
Just signed up a few minutes ago. Took a college class in Fortran back in ‘72 but have touched this topic since. I’ll be back when I have some questions....
Babs Odukoya
Aug 08 2018 19:45
Should be fun @HendersonHere_twitter
Emily N.
Aug 08 2018 20:35
hi all! I live in the Pittsburgh area and I'm excited to take the course. I work full time and have a kid so will probably be going slower. glad to see this active network.
Philip Gordon
Aug 08 2018 21:23
@HendersonHere_twitter Haha I know the feeling... I had a COBOL class in college back in 1980 and we used punch cards!
Marcelo Miranda
Aug 08 2018 21:59
Hi guys, i've been whatching the course for a few days and i'm loving it... but i'm having a hard time keeping track of what I'm learning, I mean I have to revisit some classes a lot, Do you guys have any suggestions on that?