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    Hi everyone, my name is Ayo and I am deaf. The videos with closed captions is absolutely amazing. I can't wait to go on this journey with all of you!
    Hi , My name is Mehar, I have a bachelors degree in CS. I want to go back to my field after taking a break for raising my kids. I've joined this Web Dev Course to brush up my skills and learn the new ones, to make myself job ready. I look forward to learning and being a part of this helpful community. Good luck to everyone.
    Hi, My name is Jim. I have a bachelors degree in CS and over 15 years of software development experience. All of my experience has been on windows desktop apps and servers with C# .Net, and a tiny bit of web experience. I currently work in QA and I hope to gain skills in web development with this corse to help move back into a software development role.
    Abhishek Singh
    Hi, This is Abhishek Singh. I am a recent college graduate with specialization in Electronics and Communication Engineering. While I was a undergrad student, I was exposed to some basic programming languages. So I am excited to learn industry-standard web development through this course to gain employment in my country. I am really excited to get started on this journey to learn together with all my peers. All the Best to everyone!!!!
    Eric Humpert
    Hi, My name is Eric I have a Bachelor's Degree in MIS and have been spending the years since I graduated studying web development. I have attended a few coding bootcamps that helped my skills a bit but I have room to improve. The most recent Bootcamp I attended was The Iron Yard's Dallas front end bootcamp. I'm hoping to improve my overall skills by the end of this course and also help out people if they are having any problems.
    Josue Garcia
    Hi everybody my name is Josue I study computer science and I love technology.
    Hello everyone! my name is Kris. I am a business analyst, love learning and looking forward to seeing what's ahead!!
    Devyevette Nagee
    Hey hey, I'm Devyevette Nagee from The Bahamas. I took up Graphic Design for a year and now I just want to explore and get into other avenues. Looking forward to the class.
    Andrew Smith
    Hi everyone my name is Andrew Smith i am a welder by trade and am looking forward to learning and starting my new career. Yay
    Richard Kreidi
    @Thwipshot I hope you don't my saying, what is this course offering you that your other bootcamps haven't already covered?
    Eric Humpert
    More in depth coverage of Node because one of them cost me a week
    in a 12 week program
    Eric Humpert
    Keyboard shortcut for PC users to open the inspector in Chrome is ctrl+shift+i
    Josue Garcia
    you can also click F12 to open the inspector in chrome
    Eric Humpert
    @14Josgar_twitter Didn't know about that one thanks for the info I just thought I'd share a keyboard shortcut because they do make stuff worlds easier
    Josue Garcia
    @Luna001 Welcome :yum:
    Danielle Owens
    Hi! Total newbie to coding... Looking forward to learning how to create some great looking websites! I was prompted to take this course on Udemy as I am looking for a career change. Something that will keep me consistently challenged and not get "boring". Excited to get going! :)
    welcome danielle, you're in for a pretty good time! I've started the course a few hours ago and its pretty fun, also a total noob
    Hi, my name is Mina. I’m newbie to coding. I majored in Biology when I was in college. After graduating, I worked at startup for six months. During that time, I thought that I need some programming concepts in order to communicate with developers well and I want to study web/app development. So, I take this course with this passion. Looking forward to class.
    Raspal Seni
    Nice story @mina2292 :smile:
    welcome to the bootcamp
    Hi , I am raahul ... Tried learning how to code before which didn't go well . Hope Will learn this time without leaving half way
    Looking forward to Join with some one to peer learning if any one interested will discuss how we can take this forward
    Hi everyone, I'm Timm(no the second M is not a typo lol!) around a year ago I started my journey to changing my career from retail management to becoming a web developer. While I feel like I'm in a good spot knowledge wise, this course was highly recommended so I wanted to try it out!
    <Hello World!! /> my name is Kostas from sunny Greece. My limited experience with coding goes back to high school with some pascal and vbasic. Much later during my bachelor thesis back in 2007 i meddled with web design and had to use dreamweaver - which i found to be very practical. Now again as i am planning to start a small business I'm in need of a better understanding on web development and design. This course sounds great and as a matter of fact i am already here introducing myself!
    jack barker
    Hey folks, I'm a no-experience guy taking the course and kind of hit a wall when it got into JS. Anyone have any suggestions for learning the background info I may benefit from? All the HTML and CSS made sense but once the JS unit got going I was lost. Thanks.
    Chan Moore
    Hey Everyone! My name is Chan and I'm brand new to coding. I'm so excited to be here learning and connecting with everyone!
    Kevin Armbruster
    Hello togather, also development noob here, hoping to learn a lot ;)
    Kellie Warth
    Hello all, I am a software developer/computer programmer. I am finishing my Associates in Applied Science with a concentration in Computer Programming in May. I am taking this course to help further the knowledge that I have learned from school. I am willing to try and help anyone that needs it.
    Ramanath Madiwal
    hi guys i am 5yrs exp professional web developer..any newbie needs any helpand guidance kindly ping me..:) happy learning.. peace out..
    Konstantinos Paraskevas
    Hi everyone, I am Konstantinos. I entered this course because I am looking for a better understanding in coding and eventually for a career change. I have previous experience with HTML/CSS and CMS like Joomla and Virtuemart and lately I am taking my first steps with Angular2 and Bootstrap.
    Ramanath Madiwal
    @blindjackbarker_twitter .Please take course in udemy by https://www.udemy.com/user/anthonypalicea/ JavaScript: Understanding the Weird Parts
    @BlindJackBarker …Dont buy it now..just add the course to the wishlist in udemy.every month udemy offers discount then you could get the course for very small price around 10 to 15 dollars.
    @blindjackbarker_twitter And one more thing ,i am real guy not agent nor spokesperson for udemy .:) i am just trying to help you..
    I bought the course 2 days ago. I'm a complete noob. I'm a digital marketer and understand front end and UX of websites very well. My housemate is a software engineer and initially helped me with my business website but treats me like a complete idiot. I'm doing the course to get a better understanding of programming so I can stay relevant in my industry and of course, maintain my own website until I can afford a full-time developer. I'm from South Africa.
    Satyam Subhaprakash
    Hi everyone.
    I am Subha, I am completely new to the web development. I just joined this course to learn something about web development.
    Ramanath Madiwal
    Welcome @SSubhaprakash_twitter .Happy learning :)
    Satyam Subhaprakash
    Thanks @RamanathMadiwal :)

    Hi All,

    I have a non-software job at a software company, and would like to learn more about what my company does. They are in IoT, but someone at the company told me this was a good place to start.

    Hello all! Just signed up for this program so I can learn some more about web development. Contemplated a bootcamp course, but would like to explore this before spending $$$ on one of those. Live in San Diego.
    Andrew Smith
    Enjoy the Course i know i am
    Miodrag Davidovic
    Hello everyone. Looking forward to the class and happy coding all.
    Daniel Spitzer
    Hey Everyone! Just signed up for the class and I am really excited to get started!
    Ready to jump right in. Time for a change! Good luck everyone.
    Just starting the bootcamp!
    Question for those a little further along, how much emphasis is on responsive/mobile-friendly development?
    Hello! Started the course last night, and I'm enjoying it a lot! I'm a research scientist working for a clinical lab, and looking to transition my career to web development. I have almost no experience in tech besides copy/pasting HTML code into my old MySpace profile as a teenager. Looking forward to learning more!
    Zee Nguyen
    @adagar hey! welcome to the class :D Colt does talk about responsive design and mobile-friendly in his frontend videos but I think it just gives you enough understanding about the topic. You'll be able to design a responsive website but it'll take a little bit more research and practice in order to handle anything and everything that responsive design throws at you. just my opinion :)
    Hi guys, I'm Abiel Barrera from the Rio Grande Valley, I'm currently a 6th grade teacher and teach robotics club. That is what got me going to learn more, and here I am now.