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Oct 2014
Vineeth Varghese
Oct 14 2014 09:08

The following file(s) have been uploaded by Cloudera :

- parquet-thrift-1.2.5-cdh4.6.0.jar

Upload Comments:
New parquest-thrift jar file which has a preliminary fix for the elephant-bird dependency issue.
NOTE: this is not an official patch just a binary fix to test the compilation process and dependency resolution
Reference Id=8hYaTU0yTMCd7oaQLcthoN

Vineeth Varghese
Oct 14 2014 11:05
@jagatsingh the sqoop-connector jar that you uploaded to artifactory seems to be an uber jar. The pom bundled with it has all the details. Dependencies (other than the jdbc drivers) are bundled in the jar. The hadoop-connector is a proprietary jar from Teradata and from its documentation it seems this jar is also there. The fact that the sqoop-connector documentation from cloudera doesn't refer to the hadoop-connector as a prerequisite is another indication of this. So, we need to change the pom used by artifactory to reflect this. I may be working from home tomorrow, so do you think you can do this?
Vineeth Varghese
Oct 14 2014 22:08

Will be working from home today as I am not feeling alright yet. @stephanh how do you want to do the standup. Call both @SamRoberts and myself. If it is not convenient, my status is : 1) on Monday I was debugging the ClassNotFound issue that one of the TCS guys was facing (it came down the the usage of macros) 2) Was also try to find those jar that the sqoop connector pom was referring to. Apparently, the sqoop connector is an uber jar with all those jars.

Plan for today - Look at implementing the ETL test support for sqoop cascades