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Mar 2015
Mar 27 2015 01:10
Thanks for mentioning Codacy @stephanh! How we usually help Scala projects is by analysing Pull Requests and pushing a Codacy status (like a build) to the pull request page to notify you when we find new or fixed issues. We would love to help you out
Stephan Hoermann
Mar 27 2015 01:17
@paulblei thank you for taking an interest. I have added some of your open source projects to Codacy to see what the results look like. It looks like it could be very useful, but right now I'm concerned about the amount of noise it produces for issues that either are incorrect ( or we don't care about under some circumstances (
@paulblei Also do you know how long it takes to process a PR. I noticed that when I first added some projects to codacy some commits and PR were flagged for more than a day as being analysed.
Mar 27 2015 01:20
@stephanh thanks for this feedback. We will take a look at it and improve.
The first analysis takes always a bit more time but then it should be fairly quick as we only analyse the diff. Sorry if the performance wasn't at it's best :)
Vineeth Varghese
Mar 27 2015 04:43
CommBank/etl-controller#1 is ready for review again
John Thomas
Mar 27 2015 07:54
#343 Ready for review too :) . Incorporated review comment and added Header Trailer Validation