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Mar 2015
Luke Williams
Mar 29 2015 16:33
hey maestros, i need to take a few days of unexpected** leave to be with my family, i’d email but i haven’t been able to access myemailanywhere
**not entirely unexpected, i was asking @stephanh about the possibility of short-notice leave on friday but i didn’t anticipate that need coming so soon
anyway i still would like to participate in sprint planning if you can dial me in, and i’ll pop a message to the loads team in the morning to let them know what’s going on
Stephan Hoermann
Mar 29 2015 23:05
Luke, Sam I tried calling both of you can you please call back.
Sam Roberts
Mar 29 2015 23:43
@stephanh drats, I thought the planning session was in the afternoon
my work phone is locked out, you can call me on 0423 566 878