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May 2015
Luke Williams
May 28 2015 03:51
any objections to me changing the tagline for maestro from "Data Pipelines that are well typed and enforce good convention" to "Well-typed data pipeline framework for building robust ETL jobs"
really important and high impact change, i know
Stephan Hoermann
May 28 2015 05:05
Go for it :smile:
Conrad Parker
May 28 2015 05:49
i'm ready to merge (assuming travis passes)
Vineeth Varghese
May 28 2015 06:52
Can someone please take a look at CommBank/maestro#402
Vineeth Varghese
May 28 2015 22:48
I am running a bit late.
Vineeth Varghese
May 28 2015 23:12
I don't think i will make it in time. My status :- 1) After Stephan pointed out the flaw in my assumption about how the counters work, i looked further into the cascading and hadoop to understand the root cause of the failure and put a simple fix. There is also an incident raised against the platform team to understand the latency of job trackers. 2) There were a couple of meetings and a small code review for the glas team. 3) I spent some time reading about docker. Today I want get some write up done on the control table service and spent sometime learning scala macros for Monday. There is also 3 meetings to attend as far as i remember.