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Feb 2016
Vineeth Varghese
Feb 10 2016 00:20
The default persistence state of Chronos is to use in-memory but it seem they use a Google Guice to inject a ZK persistence state from some other part which all gets wired at runtime. So we will have state in ZK after all (apologies for that) and it does clean the state up as job gets thru
Vineeth Varghese
Feb 10 2016 02:54
@rowandavies twitter/scalding#1511
Stephan Hoermann
Feb 10 2016 22:11
Can someone please review CommBank/chronos-deployer#52
Luke Williams
Feb 10 2016 22:23
Might be a minute or two late, sorry
Rowan Davies
Feb 10 2016 23:04
@stephanh Looking now. Also let me know if you don’t figure out the tailrec stack issue.
Rowan Davies
Feb 10 2016 23:11
@stephanh @vineethvarghese I just pushed the compiling but not quite right non-covariant code I mentioned yesterday to a new branch
@stephanh is the tailrec issue the sortByDependency method?
Well, the recurse inside it.