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Feb 2016
Anand siva Sambamurthy
Feb 16 2016 01:21
Support team wants to verify their test scenarios are covered
Also around negative scenarios when chronos becomes unresponsive etc.
Stephan Hoermann
Feb 16 2016 02:29
Please make sure you watch
Anand siva Sambamurthy
Feb 16 2016 03:09
@stephanh thanks
Everyone please have a read of this.
Rowan Davies
Feb 16 2016 23:16
One issue I forgot to mention at stand up: in one of the meetings it was mentioned that some datahub loads with many tables have been failing their tests with out-of-memory on teamcity. An issue should appear shortly, I guess we may need to look at thermometer support for avoiding memory leaks when there are many tests.