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Jun 2016
Jake Hartnell
Jun 29 2016 21:54
New version of Grow.js and Grow-IoT out.
Need to update the screen shot.
Working on examples.
Now you can set options on actions /events like min, max, threshold, duration.
And you can update them via the UI!
Also cleaned up the API a bit:
// Require the Grow.js build and johnny-five library.
var GrowInstance = require('../../../dist/Grow.umd.js');
var five = require('johnny-five');

// Create a new board object
var board = new five.Board();

// When board emits a 'ready' event run this start function.
board.on('ready', function start() {
    // Define variables
    // Note: if you wire the device slightly differently you may need to
    // change the pin numbers below.
    var LED = new five.Pin(13),
        lightSensorPower = new five.Pin(0);
        lightSensor = new five.Sensor('A0');

    // Hack because my board is broken.

    // Create a new grow instance.
    var grow = new GrowInstance({
        name: 'LED and photoresistor', // The display name for the thing.
        desription: 'An LED light with a basic on/off api.',
        username: '', // The username of the account you want this device to be added to.
        properties: {
            state: 'off',
            lightconditions: null
        actions: {
            turn_light_on: {
                name: 'On', // Display name for the action
                description: 'Turns the light on.', // Optional description
                schedule: 'at 9:00am', // Optional scheduling using later.js
                function: function () {
                    // The implementation of the action.
                    console.log('light on');
                    grow.set('state', 'on');
            turn_light_off: {
                name: 'off',
                schedule: 'at 8:30pm',
                function: function () {
                    console.log('light off');
                    grow.set('state', 'off');
            light_data: {
                name: 'Log light data', 
                type: 'light', // Currently need for visualization component... HACK.
                template: 'sensor',
                schedule: 'every 1 second',
                function: function () {
                    // console.log(lightSensor.value);
                      type: 'light',
                      value: lightSensor.value
        events: {
            check_light_data: {
                name: 'Check light data',
                on: 'light_data', // Adds Listener for action event.
                threshold: 100,
                function: function () {
                    var threshold = grow.get('threshold', 'check_light_data');
                    if ((lightSensor.value < threshold) && (grow.get('lightconditions') != 'dark')) {
                        // This could be nice with a chaining API...
                        // It would be good if we could add additional rules with the environment.
                        // EventListeners
                        grow.set('lightconditions', 'dark');
                    } else if ((lightSensor.value >= threshold) && (grow.get('lightconditions') != 'light')) {
                        // This could be nice with a chaining API...
                        grow.set('lightconditions', 'light');
now instead of setProperty or getProperty it's just set and get
callAction is just call.
I'm going to start a change log with Grow.js version 0.3.0
Jake Hartnell
Jun 29 2016 22:00
We're at 0.2.7 currently, and I think most of the work remaining is tests, documentation, examples, and fixing / tweaking smaller things.