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Jul 2016
Jul 07 2016 04:07
Hmm. Light sensor could work for other triggers more so than anything to do with lights I would think, triggering feeding from reservoir, top off reservoirs etc.
I honestly won't need one though, not unless I make my own leds. Even then.
Right now I'm using Powerboxx and Flipboxx
Both are my power distribution for lights and fans, Flipboxx doubles ballast power by adding a second hood to each and flipping 12/12
Alot of commercial guys are using gavitas, they have a sunset timer built in
Sunset and sunrise*
Jake Hartnell
Jul 07 2016 18:00
How powerful is the scheduling on those things? Is it just on at some time, off at some time?
I've been working experimenting with our ph-balancer. We're working on a more elegant solution, but this mostly works:
            check_ph: {
                name: 'Check pH',
                on: 'ph_data',
                state: null,
                min: 5,
                max: 7,
                function: function () {
                    var min = grow.get('min', 'check_ph');
                    var max = grow.get('max', 'check_ph');
                    var state = grow.get('state', 'check_ph');


                    // limit readings in memory to 100
                    if (pH_readings.length > 100) {

                    var average = 0;

                    for (var i = pH_readings.length - 1; i >= 0; i--) {
                        average += pH_readings[i];

                    average = average / pH_readings.length;

                    if (average < min && state !== 'low') {
                        grow.emitEvent('pH low')
                            .set('state', 'low', 'check_ph')
                    } else if (average > max && state !== 'high') {
                        grow.emitEvent('pH high')
                            .set('state', 'high', 'check_ph')
                    } else if (average > min && average < max && state !== null) {
                        grow.emitEvent('pH good')
                            .set('state', null, 'check_ph');
Basically, we have to create a buffer of readings to prevent over dosing.
We're going to try it again with a small 3 gallon tank today.
Jake Hartnell
Jul 07 2016 18:06
Actually, the above code snippet is wrong, we need to set a minimum pH_readings.length before we allow dosing.
Jul 07 2016 18:56
The gavitas do a sunrise and sunset mimic
About 10 minutes to full power and shutdown each way
Yes. I like to let reservoirs settle for at least 15 minutes with agitation after any additive
Be it nutrient or PH
And depending on PPM or EC levels. It is more prudent to add nutrients
Which will lower PH, USUALLY you'll only have to go DOWN with cannabis if at allall.
Your EC and PPM should stabilize depending on wager quality source
Bah, water*
For shots and giggles, my aeroponic feeding is 3000 ppm
Jul 07 2016 19:02
And as the PPM level drops, the PH rises, so I top off with main control which lowers and adds PPm
Lowers PH, My phone wants me to throw it this morning
If they aren't drinking as much food, and PPM isn't falling but water level is, I will know by temp in reservoirs, and add fresh water from a seperate fr shit water control seperate of feeding reservoir
Ya my phone wants me to throw it.
Jake Hartnell
Jul 07 2016 19:12
Thanks, that's good info.