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Jul 2016
Jake Hartnell
Jul 12 2016 04:03
If you want to have lots of cheap sensors throughout your grow room, this is the way to do it...
Jake Hartnell
Jul 12 2016 04:10 <-- lol, soooo much money for a garden sensor.
Jul 12 2016 04:18
Hmm. Why need serial wireless transceiver.
That go on a base arduino or Pi?
I honestly don't care how big they are for now.
Just getting sensors and code running would be stout.
I've been balls deep finishing all the build crap, still have one wall to build
But I haven't put together my aero units yet for the first.
Backed up just managing breeding for the moment.
And hahahahah, that eden is bank.
Ridiculous..... Like the parrot.....
I have been trying to concentrate on what I'm good at..... I suck at software and code.
In due time I guess..... But I am balls deep on the voltage equations for a new LED lamp using Cree OBX diodes, I kind of want to make a smart LED
And this one yes.... Based on particle.... Because it's God damn easy.....
Jul 12 2016 04:23
Unless someone else wants to build pretty Fremont ends for custom light spectrum profiles
Front ends*
And I actually hacked together a crude EC sensor from a tutorial just to see if it was shit
Wasn't complete shit, it was off by a bit. And floated a lot more than my Hanna meters
But to be expected from copper wire
Jul 12 2016 07:35
Jake Hartnell
Jul 12 2016 23:47
Those guys know how to do open source... this is actually one of the better architected things I've seen.
Love how they've broken everything into modules.
Let me know when a good time to come visit is! ; )