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Sep 2016
Dan Minshew
Sep 16 2016 15:05
What kind of projects is everyone building?
Sep 16 2016 15:25
I've got a neopixel ring that gives me a visual display of a remote temperature sensor using particle photons
Multiple BME280 AND DS1820B temp sensors using blynk dashboard and local server, attempting designing my own pcb for the bme280 remote units and a photon module
I will start using the common garden stuff if I can ever get particle to work, but for now I've been doing the firmware in c++, really like particles cloud functions etc, learning curve for a non developer like myself. But fun.
Jake Hartnell
Sep 16 2016 20:28
We'll get there eventually. Particle will work when we add MQTT support. Though, this library could make that happen faster:
Currently, Grow-IoT and Grow.js only support the DDP protocol:
While it works well, it's not nearly as well supported as MQTT.
Jake Hartnell
Sep 16 2016 20:36
@newswim we're building a ph-balancer and nutrient doser kit. Eventually to provide a much cheaper / better open source version of this:
It's probably not production ready yet, but it works well so far... keeps ph to about +/- 0.05 of the target and we're just getting started.
Sep 16 2016 20:54
Nice. Yah. No worries. I would love that to work for me but I'm afraid
*it is a bit small for expansion I just did, and another possibly in 3 months.
I need to redo my reservoirs to 250 gallons everywhere I think. But I digress. I got sucked into particle because the cloud, makes it easy to do remote sensor value and visualize on neopixel 25 miles from site.
Jake Hartnell
Sep 16 2016 21:01
I would love that to work for me but I'm afraid
We'll get there, but I wouldn't use it for an actual operation now.
Lot's more testing to do.
Sep 16 2016 21:02
Right. I know I know. Just commenting. I'm burning liters of each additive/commercial nutrients per reservoir changeover.
And I'm economical as fudge in aero/nft
It should be gallons. I cut my nutrient usage in half and doubled production, water usage 70% + reduction, from 1 gallon of water per plant per day in soil, to 0.28 gallons roughly per plant per day.